For participants not financed by INERA Project, the Organizing Committee recommends for the company Tourism and Transport Agency “Vakancia” (tel: +359 02 9805610; e-mail:; to arrange their booking and food providing. Due to the fact that the Conference is at the beginning of summer vacation, please make reservation in due time.

You can also book your accommodation directly at a hotel of your choice:

How to reach Velingrad?

The Organizing Committee will arrange bus transport from Sofia to Velingrad and back. On 5th of July, 2016 buses start from the Institute of Solid State Physics (Sofia 1784, blvd. “Tzarigradsko Chaussee” 72), while returning back to Sofia will be on 9th July, 2016. The departure time of the buses will be adjusted according to the flight tickets of the participants coming from abroad.